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Logging in

Logging in dialogue box


Logging in

A small dialogue box will open where the desired user can be selected. The appropriate password should be entered in the password field and confirmed with „Enter“. Normally, the „Standard User“ is assigned no password and so one can simply close the dialogue box and register by pressing „Enter“.

In order to be able to adjust the machine’s parameters, it is necessary to log in as „Client Admin“ with the password „1234“.


Automatic registration

If the user has not been assigned a password, then the next time the program is started up, he/she will be automatically logged in without the dialogue box opening.

Statuszeile Benutzer

User’s status bar

The user currently logged in will be displayed in the status bar below in the main window, e.g.: „User: Standard User“ or „User logged off“

No access?

If at any point you do not have access to particular menu points, check which user you are logged in as currently. Users can be assigned passwords in order to protect the machine from misuse (see Chapter on User Operation).


If you want to leave the machine without shutting it down, you can log off for security reasons by using the „Menu->User->Logout„.



The user will then be logged off and the machine can no longer be used.

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