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Functional controls

Video on functional controls

The main window in Kinetic-NC

In the main window open the „Diagnosis“ page. You should first test the emergency off switch. If the switch is pressed, the symbol with the red/yellow button with the label „Emergency Stop“ should appear in the left „Status“ field. After releasing the switch, it should disappear once again.
Should this no work, please check whether the software is unintentionally in the demo mode (Menu->Configuration->Hardware)……

Check inlets and outlets

…….and whether an inlet/outlet is properly assigned (Menu -> Configuration -> Machine -> Inlet/Outlet).

The standard assignment of the inlets / outlets can be imported with File-> Settings

And reset by selecting the standard parameters, and deactivating all checks besides „Inlet/Outlet“ are deactivated.

Reference Switch

Next, test the functionality of the reference switch. If the switch is not activated, i.e. the axes are not within the normal travel range, the display LEDs „Ref.“ on the diagnosis page are off. They need to switch on if the you activate the switch by hand. You need to place a piece of metal in front of the switch when you have an inductive switch and a magnet for Reed switches.
Now test whether the direction of rotation for the drive motors is correct.

In the main window open the „Install“ page. When activating the arrow button, the relevant axes need to travel in the correct direction. Depending on the configuration of the machine and the operator’s line of sight, the actual direction (front/rear, right/left) may deviate from the direction arrow. The counting of the coordinate display must be upward if the tool is moving away from the reference switch and vice versa. On the Z axis, the tool moves upward (or away from the workpiece) if the coordinate display counts upward.

Should a drive move in the incorrect direction, this can be corrected by pressing „Invert direction“ in the axis parameters.

Test outlets

If the reference switch functions and the directions of all drives are correct, you start a reference run with the „All ref“ button on the diagnosis page. Should you need to stop the reference run because something is wrong, you can do so either by repressing the button or the ESC key.

Test spindle and coolant outlet

Finally you can test the functioning of the spindle and coolant outlet (or dust suction). Click on the corresponding box in the „Outlet“ field on the diagnosis page, e.g. „Spindle forward“ or „Coolant“.