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Software installation


As previously described in the “System Requirements Real Time Requirements”  chapter, the control computer has to have sufficient capacity available at all times and the PC may not be slowed down by background programs. Thus you should make sure:

    • All unnecessary programs have been removed
    • Automatic updates are deactivated
    • If a laptop is used (not recommended), the device should always be run with an external power supply and all energy options deactivated.
    • No virus scanners are being used. Should doing so be unavoidable, make sure that the anti-virus software provides the KinetiC-NC with permanent access to the network interface, and does not perform any complicated scans while the machine is running.
    • During installation (particularly with WinPcap) queries from the firewall or the virus scanner may arise. In each case you need to allow access.

Installation video

Starting installation

The software is usually delivered on a CD and automatically starts when inserted in the drive. Should the automatic start fail to function or should you download the software from the internet, please run the KinetiC-NC_Setup.exe manually.

After starting the set up program, you will be requested to select the language for the installation assistant. Confirm your selection by pressing OK.

You will be prompted to install WinPCAP. The program is a universal driver software program for network controllers and is needed for the KinetiC-NC software to communicate with the CncPod.

Start the installation of WinPcap, by pressing the Next > button.

License conditions

You need to consent to the WinPcap software conditions by pressing the „I agree“ button, in order to continue with the installation.

Please make sure the check is activated in the field (as in the image above). If this is not the case, the KinetiC-NC software will not function properly.

You have successfully completed the WinPcap installation. Confirm by pressing the Finish button.

Continue the installation by pressing the „Continue“ button.

After reading and acknowledging the license conditions, accept them by marking the option „I accept the agreement“ and confirming by pressing the button „Continue“.

In the next dialogue you can select the type installation. It is recommended that you do not change anything with the installation. If you would like to contribute to the further development of the program and are the native speaker of an unsupported language, you are welcome to install the language support. Doing so will allow you to create your own translations of the software and share it with other users.

The KinetiC-NC software shall be installed in the suggested folder. Should you wish to rename the entry, you can now do so.

By selecting the check, you can start the installation program, a symbol on the desktop is then installed as a shortcut to the software.

The install program is now configured and you are ready to install the software.

Installing updates

Should you want to update an installed program, you may be asked whether you want to overwrite the existing files. Select „No“ if the existing settings should remain in place, or „Yes“ if you want to reset all the parameters to the factory settings.

After the installation assistant is finished, the Windows start menus will now have a new entry of „KinetiC-NC“ and should this option be selected the symbol will also be on the desktop.