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Run program

Zero point and material

After the zero point has been correctly set, the entire tool path in the graphic window shall be displayed and no other error message will appear in the notice window. Prior to running a program, the feed override factor (“slide control” in upper right) should be set to about 10%. Doing so provides enough time to react should the machine not move as expected and a collision might occur.

Slower feed

When the feed override is set to 10%, press Start program    to the far left. The machine will start moving and first travels to the first letter „C“. During the first run, the contour travels 4 mm above the material.. If everything looks fine, you can set the slide control back to 100% or simply press the Reset button to the immediate right of the slide control. The machine will not operate at full, programmed speed, which is 500mm/min in the example. In the second run, the tool travels at a height of Z=0 or just above the material. Real machining will occur at a negative Z value, this is only a Demonstration.

Presentation of the paths

During the run, the previously completed paths are marked in the graphic with a light blue. You can allow the program to run until the end, or stop at any time by pressing “Stop program“  . „Rewind“ returns everything to the start of the program and deletes the display of the completed paths.