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Export settings


Export settings

Export function

You can use the export function to save the machine parameters and other settings for the software in a file. As with the import, this can also serve multiple purposes.

    • You want to make a backup of the settings (a backup copy). Doing so makes sense after successful installation or extensive changes to the settings.
    • You use the same machine for multiple processing modes (e.g. milling and plasma cutting) and would like to save the settings for a later usage.
    • You would like to transfer the settings to another, identical machine.

Creating back-up

When making a backup, selecting „all setting categories“ makes sense. When transferring to another machine, you need to remove the module address because the other machine would no longer recognize hardware modules after the import.

Of course you can also only select individual categories such as tool lists or offsets.
The file will only actually be saved, if you close the dialogue to the right by pressing „Save“.


Creating back-up

Select file

In the file dialogue opened using the button with the three points, only the file name and storage location are selected.
If you are in demo mode, you cannot select any module addresses or inlet/outlet assignment, because no hardware is connected in such cases.

Install individual configurations

Using the „Create icon“ button you can create a link to the current machine parameters on the desktop. Enter the name of the desired name for your configuration to the immediate left.
By clicking on the icon, the software with this configuration will start. Doing so makes sense, if several configurations are needed, e.g. with A axis and without A-axis.
(currently opening with the created icons is not supported)

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