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Load file and 3D presentation

The menu bars are located at the very top under the title row.
Select File-> Open NC file…“ in order to open the file dialogue. Select the „Sample.din“(*1) file or another G-code file of your choice.
Should you have already opened a file, you can open it again from the list of most recent files.

Error messages

On the main page (“Program”), the program is then displayed in the text window to the lower left. The graph window will then display the tool path in the upper left should it fit in the machining room. Should no errors or other errors be found a message window will appear to the lower right of an error message.

Examples include „Numbers outside of the permitted range…“ because the zero point is still in the incorrect position, and parts of the tool path are still located outside of the processing area. The problems need to be detected now before the machine hits a stop during operation.

3D presentation

The work area for the machine is displayed above the NC program.

Operate the 3D graphic display / Zoop in / Zoom out / Rotate

Pulling the mouse cursor while left clicking in the graphic window allows you shift the tool path.
Right clicking with mouse will rotate the path in space, i.e. switch the view of the 3D display.
Rotating the mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out.
Left double clicking allows you to switch between the following types of displays:

  1. Zoom on the entire machine. The rotation centre is in the middle of the machine
  2. Zoom on workpiece, the rotation centre is in the middle of the workpiece.

(*1) depending on the Windows version in the folder „Own filesKinetiC-NC“ or „LibrariesDocumentsKinetiC-NC“