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Offset dialogue

In the Offset dialogue the zero point shifts of G54 to G59 (workpiece zero point) and the park position. The park position is also used for manual tool changes.

In the upper left you find the list of offsets. The currently selected (click with mouse) offset has a colour background, and its coordinate displayed to the right. The „activate“ button can be used for the selected offset, i.e. all of the following programs use this offset, as long as a G53…G59 command has another offset activated.


Offset /Workpiece offset

Current position

The „Current position“ button is used to enter the current position of the tool in the coordinates of the recently selected offset. Doing so has the same effect as selecting „All zero“ (0 XYZ) next the coordinate display.

Or in other words, after the offset with the coordinates of the current position has been activated, the coordinate display in the main window will display the relative position (X=0 Y=0 Z=0 etc.).

Copy offset

The „Current offset“ button copies the active offset marked with an asterisk „*“ in the list, into the coordinates for the offset just selected, or G56 after G54 in the example in the adjacent image.
Should an offset be assigned incorrect coordinates , you may select „Stop“. All the offsets will then be restored to the settings in place when the dialogue was opened. „Save“ will then integrate the changes.

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