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User login

Register as user

However, before you can access functions such the importing of configurations or machine settings, you need to register as a user. Only the standard user has sufficient rights, in order to work with machines. To do so, open the login dialogue via Menu->User ->Log in...

A small dialogue will then open where the desired user can be selected. In the password the appropriate password can be entered and confirmed by pressing „Enter“. By default, the “standard user” does not have any password. In such cases simply confirm with „Enter“, in order to close the dialogue and login.

If no password is issued

If the users have not been issued a password, then this user will be logged in at the next program start, without having the dialogue open again. The current registered user will be displayed in the status bar in the lower half of the main window. „User: Standard User“, or „“User logged out“.

Standard user without right to change parameters

The standard user has no rights to change the settings and machine parameters! The „Customer Admin“ user has the password 1234. Only this administrator is empowered to change the software parameters with it the machine.

No authorization? Misuse protection

Should you have no access to a specific menu item, re-examine under which user you are currently registered. The users may be issued passwords, in order to protect the machine from misuse (see User administration chapter).


If you leave the machine without wanting to switch it off, you can logout for security grounds, by clicking on „Menu->User->Logout…“.
Only then can the user logout and the machine cannot be accessed.