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GUI Settings

The GUI settings relate to the graphic user interface (GUI = graphical user interface), i.e. how the presentation of the text in the programme window and the tool path in the graphic window are influenced. A dialogue box with two sides (columns) will open.

Change the G-code presentation

On the „G-code Lexer“ page, you can adjust colours and text attributes for all text elements of the syntax highlighted.

GUI Einstellungen

GUI Settings

Subsection „Colours“

GUI Farben / Codes

GUI colours / codes

Change performance settings

On the „Graphic“ page, the performance characteristics of the graphic display can be adjusted.

Leistungseinstellungen GUI ändern

Change performance settings

Our more extensive programmes with several million line segments (depending on the performance ability of the PC and the graphic card from approx. 30MB of file length) can experience performance deficits. These performance deficits can be identified by long load times, and the moving or turning of 3D displays is jerky and delayed. The reaction time of other screen elements is also delayed, like e.g. the coordination display.

Reducing the image pixels and data volumes can help combat these performance issues.
When the optimisation is activated, the tool path’s very short lines will be joined together in the graphic display.

Precision v. Resolution

This has no influence on the precision of the machine’s actual tool path, it simply creates a barely noticeably larger representation on the screen. The threshold for the coming together of those lines can be either controlled by the upper slide rule or automatically.

The lower slide rule indicates the maximum time for the screen layout.. If the updating time for the graphics is longer, then these will be completely shut down by running machines, to prevent against long reaction times.

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