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Explanation of the symbols

NOTE: Special information regarding the economic use of the system

ATTENTION: Special information or instructions and prohibitions on damage prevention.

Information or instructions and prohibitions for the prevention of personal injury or extensive property damage.

Safety instructions

The CNC processing always carries a certain amount of risk of injury because it operates with fast rotating tools with sharp cutting . As a result of the computer-controlled movement of the drives, machine parts can start unexpectedly for the operator. Although the control software has been carefully tested, malfunctions can occur at any time.

Follow the instructions

Therefore please observe the instructions of the machine manufacturer precisely. Never operate the machine without the required safety devices. The system operator is responsible for compliance with the statutory accident prevention regulations.

The chapter „Installation“ contains the following topics:

    • System requirements
    • Installation of the Cnc Pod
    • Installation of the software
    • Initial start-up
    • User login in
    • Set parameters
    • Function control
    • Create backup
    • Install additional options
    • Machine firmware update