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The following control software was written in compliance with all the standard developments and directives valid at the time and tested with great effort and care. However, no guarantee can be given for error-free functionality.

The developers have provided their assurance that the KinetiC-NC in connection with suitable electrical and mechanical components as per the descriptions and user instructions is fundamentally suited for the intended purpose.


No liability may be asserted for subsequent damages or damages from foregone profits, operational downtime, lost information etc.

The KinetiC-NC is a component, which can only be used in conjunction with a suitable personal computer and suitable hardware.

The control is not independent under any conditions!
As errors cannot be entirely avoided despite all efforts, we are happy for any information regarding any problems.


As not all users need all information about the control hardware and software, the documentation is divided over several manuals. Information about the hardware and wiring can be found in the manuals for the relevant hardware modules. The directions for the software installation and general instructions for the operation are found in the KinetiC-NC user handbook.
The reference manual is intended for users who can write NC program code or program macros „by hand“ or for mechanical engineers, who will then adapt the controls to a new machine.


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