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Import settings

You can use this function to load the complete machine parameters and all the software setting or parts thereof from an external file. This can be done for several purposes:


You want to make retroactive changes and run a previous backup.
You want to install an additional feature or an update or expansion.
You want to switch to another machine or another processing type.
You would like to import changes from another, identical machine.

Partial import

The control software not only supports complete parameter sets, but also parts of a set. If for example you decide to retroactively purchase a rotation axis, the seller can supply a parameter file, which only contains the relevant parameters for the rotation axis, thus resolution, speed and travel path of the fourth axis. When your import this file, only these parameters will change. All of the other setting previously implement will remain in place.

Parameter importieren

Import parameters

New Installation

If you want to newly install a machine, or implement a new installation set from the manufacturer, go to „standard parameters“ and select your machine.

Datei zum Import auswählen - Neueinrichtung

Select file for import – new installation


Install options

If you want retroactively install an option, insert the data carrier with the option data, you received with the product and open this file.

Auswahl der Optionen

Select the options

If you only want to load a certain part, without overwriting the settings, simply mark the desired options and then press „Open“.

Note! Make sure the parameter file is suitable for your machine type before importing. Should the incorrect machine parameters be loaded, under certain circumstances this can cause the drive to run faster than expected and cause collisions. You should thus perform a trial run at slow speed after every change to the machine parameters.

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