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The tools in the tool list.

Tool management / Tool data base

The tool management is only needed if you own an automated tool changer or work with tool radius or work with length compensation (G41/G42 or G43).

Manual tool changes

Should you manually insert a tool and each program only use one, you can only ever work with a single tool number (T1), and do not need to insert any tool list.

Radius compensation and length compensation


Tool list / tool type

In the image you see the tool list with the most important parameters. Type and name are merely for clarity. The T-number is the number identified with the tool in the G-code. The P-number is the number of the place in the tool magazine.

Automatic tool change

The entry for the place in the tool magazine is needed should an automatic tool changer be used, where the T number is not the same as the place number. Diameter 1 (Dm. 1) is the effective diameter for the primary cut and shall be used for radius compensation (G41/G42).

Length 1 (L. 1) the general length of the tool and shall be used for length compensation (G43). Depending on the tool type, a second diameter and second length can be provided. These may be shaft diameter and blade length for example. The secondary parameter shall only be used for visualization and do not play any role for the program process.

Adding new tools

„Changing“ or „Add“ opens the tool dialogue either with the currently selected tool or a new one. Tool type and parameters can be entered. Stand time and maximum speed are currently not used.

Assign name

If „automatic“ is activated, a name will be generated from the selected settings. You may replace the tool name with your own.

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