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Log file options

Logdatei Ausgabefilter

Log file output filter

This function allows you to determine which actions should be listed in the log file as well as how detailed this information should be. The more actions and /or message categories are selected, and the narrower the priorities are set, the more data will be saved in the log file.

In normal operation, the log file is not necessary and so not many categories should be selected and a high priority should be set so that a huge amount of unnecessary data is collected, which could ultimately have a negative impact on the system’s operation.


The log file is however useful when seeking to get to the bottom of a problem. It may be therefore, that you will be asked to activate certain log options by the Support Team in the event that you experience any issues.

   Resetting the log options

After you have reported the log file to the Support Team and the problem has been solved and it is time to reset the log file, you will be made aware of this by a dialogue box:

Logdatei Optionen

Log file options

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