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Parameter setup

The KinetiC-NC configuration

Preconfigured for the High-Z / T-Rex and RaptorX-SL

If you purchased the software along with a finished, up and running machine and selected the appropriate model as described above during the initial startup, no further parameter setting is necessary and you can skip this chapter.

If you made a mistake during the selection or need to adapt the software to another machine, you can also undo the selection and load the parameter set for another model. Open the import dialogue (File menu -> Import settings) and then the file selection dialogue by pressing the „Standard parameter …“ button.

Individual adjustment

In the case that your machine is not designed for the standard parameters, the parameters need to be entered manually.
If you have not received any information from the manufacturer of the machine, please contact the support or (only if you are very familiar with it) follow the instructions in the manual.